Sunday, April 5, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Light is My Business: the universe is black and white


I thought i would share this exchange from Drhu Deb ( he is a cancer
researcher)- he just sent me
the link to a a discussion how all Hubble images ( and most
astronomical images) are actually
black and white images that are then converted into false colours

Drhu points out:

Interestingly, we use similar techniques with microscopy images of
fluorescently labelled proteins in cancer cells. We call these
channels DAPI (blue), FITC (green) and TRITC (Red).

Dhruba Deb, MSc
Laboratory of John Minna
Hamon center for therapeutic oncology research

this is of course confounded by the fact the eye is very insensitive
and we basically look at the
night sky in " night vision" mode with only the rods active (
nocturnal mammals have different
receptors- they can see colours in the dark ??)

its an interesting question for the public understanding of science
that the universe
is black and white ! or at least most of the colour images in
astronomy we see are false colour


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> > You probably know this in a lot more details. I found it interesting.

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> > Hamon center for therapeutic oncology research
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