Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] science films and music

Dear Yasminers,

I´m very proud to introduce in this discussion the work of five students of
the Master de Artes Visuales y Multimedia (Visual Arts and Multimedia
Masterhttp://www.artesvisualesymultimedia.com/ ) of the Politecnical
University of Valencia. Last week was the PAM15 (Artistic and Multimedia
Production Exhibition: http://muestrapam.org/), and they show three
interesting works. One by one:

- Julio Sosa shown "Tu cara me suena" (The Sound of Your Face).

He developed a kind of musical instrument that works recognising the
movement of the face. Using facetracking technology, the device translate
the face image to sounds, depending on the face position. This is a
translation between image recognition to sounds, to create an alternative

You can take a look here:


- Guillermo Lechón and Ainhoa Salas shown "Deformator",

Their work translate tactile experience to an image, in the sense that the
tactile interface acts to the image modifying the extension, properties and

- Germán Torres and Alejandra Bueno shown "Fronteras en el cajón"
(Frontiers on the drawer)

Their work was a complete study of the inmigration between Moroco and
Spain, using a drawer which contains real histories of the people who tried
to cross the border. They create several replica of the drawer and offer a
connected link to any information about inmigration through social networks
iluminating the drawer with lightmapping techniques.

You can listen the interviews of their work in an interesting research
project about conservation of new media art here:


Even both works from Guillermo Lechón, Ainhoa Salas, Germán Torres and
Alejandra Bueno are not directly related to the science films with music, i
must say that i included here because they are now collaborating with an
student association for promoting science popularization to the physics
department of Valencia University, to develope another installations to be
presented in a science party activities. They are working on the
invisibility topic. Guillermo Lechon and Ainhoa Salas trying to do a
projection with infrared radiation, and Germán Torres and Alejandra Bueno
are working on the cloaking invisibilities properties.

Their works will be shown at next Expociencia:


This would be an independent collaboration between master students from art
and science, and would be the first time that this new media art would be
included in Expociencia.

This is a nice opportunity to observe how we can apply new ways of
narratives, and technologies, to our popularization activities, and even
into our research !!,

Best from Valencia,

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