Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] So, finally, light is our business

Dear Yasminers,

Our lighting discussion about art/science intersections through light may
be reached one first stop (the amount of topics related to light is huge,
may be we can come back to them). We have an interesting light and sound
discussion, and may be is just time to get it on this. However, i would
like to recver some of the ideas that were traveling hand on and by light
in the last week.

We started remebering the call for abstracts for the next Art Science City
congress that will be held on Valencia next October (
The call ends next April 20th.

After some brief introduction to sdome of the topic that cover light
research, Stephen Nowlin make an interesting question: How much
infotrmation travels in light?

Some of ours try to answer this kind of difficult question, and Andres
Collazo, from Caltech gives us an interesting explanation of evanescen
waves and new Metamaterials. We were fascinated about this control of the
light properties by the "manufacturing" the refractive index, and send some
questions, like: how could be possible to develope a light memory?

Kerry Tunstall show his work on electric discharges and lighting, and
nano-fireworks enter the discussion.

Roger introduced the work from Sean Cubitt, where we had the opportunity to
meet his very interesting travel through light technologies.

Glenn Smith pointed to two topic, astrophysics and photosynthesis. Roger,
as an explecialist on the topic showed that Universe captured by Hubble is
black and white, which is and optical effect similar to the techniques used
in microscopy image of flourescence labbeled proteins in cancer
cells.Meanwhile, photosynthesis could be reviewed in an interesting social
context, conecting with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin philosophy.

We covered some nano-scaled light manifestations, coming from
Bioinspiration, Plasmonic and Polaritons. Far from being only technical
words, we show that there are connections with practical uses, as
structural colour, cancer teraphy or new quantum information technologies.

Ken friedman and Paul Fishwick show us that light is not only new
technologies, as far as there wer developed very intresting old
technologies with candles (Sun Sticks, Light Tables,...). I really liked
these technologies, and remain me these very fascinating light technologies
from the XIX century, as the Wheatstone Kaleidophone.

We have a very interesting participation from Marcus Neustetter, who show
us the light and art activism connection in South Africa, and were
intrigued with some art/sci proposals about light traveling through the
space as was suggested by Avi Rosen and Liliane Lijn.

Finally, our discussion has a "dramatic" ending. No because any
disturbance, just because a "naive" film, from Sun images accompanied with
music, changes our questions from the interaction between light and sound
in science popularization films.

As i said, light covers a huge quantity of topics. We have only poited to
some of them, but they comes from ecology, to arquitecture and urbanism, to
new technology development, to history of science, to neuroimaging to
astrophysics, and many, many more.

See you on Yasmin,

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