Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Sounds of science


As an aside, the "vortex" video was indeed quite trippy,
and puts one in mind of the question which may well
have contributed to the nervous breakdown which
poor Albert Michelson suffered in the run-up to his
famous experiment with Edward Morley: how to point
their interferometer such that it faced as directly as
possible into the earth's passage through the cosmic
ether. Simple! Just explain your dilemma to the chairman
of the physics department, and he will requisition a minor
ocean of mercury in which the huge sandstone block on
which your apparatus is mounted can in turn be floated,
thus allowing it to be rotated into a relatively optimum

Nothing to it! A mere snap of the fingers . . .

G. W. (Glenn) Smith

P.S. With apologies to Albert Michelson -- I am in fact
working on an essay centered on his remarkable experiment.

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