Sunday, April 12, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Why do Science Films often have such terrible use of music or sound


As Guillermo Munoz mentioned our discussion Light is my Business
got re routed when as he says:

"Finally, our discussion has a "dramatic" ending. No because any
disturbance, just because a "naive" film, from Sun images accompanied with
music, changes our questions from the interaction between light and sound
in science popularization films."

The film in question was the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory in the video

I made the rash statement that the video which had impressive scientific
images was ruined, in my opinion by cliched re use of music by dead
composers ( which maybe were cheap to get rights to)

I was just thinking aloud that : why is it that science agencies would
spend large
amounts of money taking the data and making a video accessible
to the public, but not invest in state of the art sound or music that
would augment
the images through a multi modal approach- why not innovative combinations
of video and sound to create really effective science engagement

a number of you didnt agree with this , and we put on hold
some of your posts which we will start re releasing

This is all a good example of how on line discussions are a poor
substitute for face to face dialogue ! Guillermo is planning a meeting
of Yasminers
at the The 2nd Art, Science, City International Conference 201 in
Valencia this coming October 22/23
which will bring the art, science and technology community together
around problematics
of the build urban environment.

Any way ; lets back to the discussion that started as a detour in the Light is
my business discussion- how should sound and music be used in
an integrated way to augment the effectiveness of science communication films

Roger Malina
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