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[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: Why do Science Films often have such terrible use of music or sound


you are absolutely right the david eagleman

is not a 'new sense' but an 'extended' sense where he 'translates' data into
a form where human sense of touch is activated

i usually talk about three categories
- augmented senses when you increase the sensitivity of a sense ( eg
optical microscope)
- extended sense - eg when you extend the sense of vision to the IR or X ray
- New sense when you create a situation where the body can sense forms
of energy that
it is not build to detect ( eg gravity waves, cosmic rays )

in the case of new senses you can either translate them into a form an
existing sense
can detect as eagleman does- or as you point out you could create a
new input directly into the brain
which is also what david eaglement talks about

anyway - i often argue we are now in a 'data culture' where we make decisions
as much from direct sensory inputs to the real world as from
interfaces to large data
sets about the real world

but we are still behaving like 19C scientists trying to visualise data
using techniques
that were developed in an era when we were not deluged with data ( dan boorstin
calls this an epistemelogical inverstion- going from meaning rich and data poor
to data rich and meaning poor)

the video of the sun that you showed that started this discussion

is using sound in a way that is irrelevant to understanding the amazing
images of the sun and fails to take advantage of the brain's multi modal
perception and cognition

and in fact those images use augmented and extended senses methodologies
but the science film is in a nineteenth century way of thinking

roger malina

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terrible use of music or sound

Wow, this TED talk is amazing ¡¡ But, in reality these examples are not new
senses, no?, these are kind of translations, and used by brain plasticity
to have alternative feeling experiences. But the connection is made by
conventional senses (visual, tactile, sound, smell or taste). May be some
detector directly conected to brain driving electrical discharges could be
as new sense, no?

In another hand, this is a very famous example: the artist Neil Harbisoon
uses an extension of senses to listen colors. I leave this TED talk:



Roger F Malina
is in texas

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