Sunday, April 12, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Light is my Business

Hello Yasminers,

thank you all for this most interesting discussion.

Several posting referred to art projects on light -
I would like to contribute a shortened description
of the Pleasure of Light: Gyorgy Kepes and
Frank J. Malina At the Intersection of Science and Art.

Apologies to those who are already familiar with
the project and the lives and art of Gyorgy Kepes and
Frank J. Malina.

nina czegledy

For Gyorgy Kepes and Frank J. Malina working with light - both in
private and public space - became an important tool for improving
humankind's relation to the global environment. The creative use of
light - light as a dynamic medium - preoccupied Kepes and Malina
throughout their artistic career. It is a common element in their art
work and forms a bridging concept for this project.

Malina explored issues of tension, transparency, light and movement
and in the fifties began exploring kinetic art. In the process of
these art experiments, he became conscious of the links to vision
research by psychologists and cognitive scientists -a connection which
was clearly unrecognized at that time. He had his first solo show in
1953 in Paris, with numerous exhibitions to follow. In 1968, Malina
founded Leonardo, which remains the leading journal on the arts,
sciences and technology. Kepes, a Hungarian-born painter, designer,
educator and art theorist collaborated on many projects with László
Moholy-Nagy first in Berlin and later in the US, continuing the (New)
Bauhaus' theory and practice. György Kepes worked at MIT from
1947-1974, where he established the Center for Advanced Visual Studies
(today ACT at MIT). Kepes is often referred to as a ?light artist?. He
was the first artist in America to use neon tubing on a grand scale,
it has to be noted however that his entire oeuvre including paintings,
photographs and photograms was based on light/shadow experiments.

György Kepes and Frank Malina's vision is best characterized by a
distinct combination of aspiration and creativity expressed through
experimentation and radical innovation. Kepes and Malina frequently
collaborated with socially committed professionals aiming for an
international culture of peaceful cooperation.

Pleasure of Light curated by Nina Czegledy and Rona Kopeczky was on
exhibit at the Ludwig/Contemporary Art Museum, Budapest (2010) and
Green Gate, Gdanks (2011)

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