Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Why do Science Films often have such terrible use of music or sound


Let´s follow with sound and music relation modulated by sun video, if my
poor english let me do it.

The video is a promotional video as the one that i sended about Valencia
(in fact i sended last week but it was stoped until light discussion ends).
In the video of my city the "objetc" to sell is tourism (so, come to
Valencia !!). But in the NASA video the selling could be something like "we
are developing good research" (so, please, don´t stop to give us money).

In the discussion it is said that the composers are from these days, and
the music was composed for this occasion (is it correct?). So, seems that
it is not only a vulgarity or naive decission, and may be it is not wrong
to say that it is well paid.

I knew the Brilliant Noise film from Semiconductor, and this is just
fascinating. It is not just a piece of art, it is an art science

I think promotional films have their space. The problem is: why we need it
in science popularization? Most of the time, science popularization is
justified by the, now yes, naives sentences like: science is knowledge, so,
it is need pushing science to society. But, if we need to push education
issues, why to do it in only one mode?,

If we are interested only in the promotion (so, money), the other face of
the coin is just saying that in fact we are not very interested in the
educational issues. Why not to do it in both ways? So, in my opinion, the
only way to do an honest educational program is recalling that all
educational issues (science, art, humanities, ...., images, sounds, tastes,
...) are important and relevant. We are not superheros, we can not know
everything of each area, but just an empathic predisposition could be

In all my work related to science popularization i listened many, many,
many, many times words like: Chemistry is very important, or Physics is
everywhere, or biology is amazing, ... but it is always said by chemists,
physicists, biologists, ... I would like to see how a physycist said
chemistry is very important, or a chemist saying biology is amazing, or a
biologist saying physics is everywhere, etc, etc, if not may be science
popularization is just a marketing work. And for sure, art, humanities are
on the deal, because followin with the same statement, why to do science
popuralization and not to do a complete educational popularization. So, in
fact, it is a matter of cultural education, i.e. multimodal problem.

Independet if we are interested in any marketing promotion (we need money
to perform research), if we are developing a knowledge or educational
activity, all points of view are important. In fact, the best marketing
strategy to show that our research is good enough to be continously paid
would be to show that it is multimodal (so, it would be expected more
educative interactions, and hence more interesting social developments).

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