Tuesday, April 21, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] sound and science films

for our discussion on sound and science films here
is an example of where the specialist community is
developing the very tools that the scientists should be
using for the science films
roger malina

WAC 2016 - Web Audio Conference
April 4-6, 2016
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia USA



The 2nd Web Audio Conference (WAC) will be held April 4-6, 2016 at Georgia
Tech in Atlanta. WAC is an international conference dedicated to web audio
technologies and applications. The conference welcomes web developers,
music technologists, computer musicians, application designers,
researchers, and people involved in web standards. The conference addresses
research, development, design, and standards concerned with emerging
audio-related web technologies such as Web Audio API, Web RTC, WebSockets
and Javascript. It is open to industry engineers, R&D scientists, academic
researchers, artists, and students. The first Web Audio Conference was held
in January 2015 at IRCAM and Mozilla in Paris, France.

The Internet has become much more than a simple storage and delivery
network for audio files, as modern web browsers on desktop and mobile
devices bring new user experiences and interaction opportunities. New and
emerging web technologies and standards now allow applications to create
and manipulate sound in real-time at near-native speeds, enabling the
creation of a new generation of web-based applications that mimic the
capabilities of desktop software while leveraging unique opportunities
afforded by the web in areas such as social collaboration, user experience,
cloud computing, and portability. The Web Audio Conference focuses on
innovative work by artists, researchers, and engineers in industry and
academia, highlighting new standards, tools, APIs, and practices as well as
innovative web audio applications for musical performance, education,
research, collaboration, and production.

Contributions to the second edition of the Web Audio Conference are
encouraged in the following areas:
- Web Audio API, Web MIDI, Web RTC, and other existing or emerging web
standards for audio and music
- Development tools, practices, and strategies of web audio applications
- Innovative audio and music based web applications
- Client-side audio processing (real-time or non real-time)
- Audio data and metadata formats and network delivery
- Server-side audio processing and client access
- Client-side audio engine and audio rendering
- Frameworks for audio synthesis, processing, and transformation
- Web-based audio visualization and/or sonification
- Multimedia integration
- Web-based live coding environments for music
- Web standards and use of standards within audio based web projects
- Hardware and tangible interfaces in web applications
- Codecs and standards for remote audio transmission
- Any other innovative work related to web audio that does not fall into
the above categories

We welcome submissions in the following tracks: paper, poster, demo,
performance, and artwork. All submissions will be double-blind peer
reviewed. The conference proceedings, which will include both papers (for
papers and posters) and abstracts (for demos, performances, and artworks),
will be published online and in SmartTech, Georgia Tech's archival
open-access repository.

*Papers*: Authors are invited to submit 4-6 page papers. Accepted papers
will be presented at the conference as an oral presentation.

*Posters*: Authors are invited to submit posters with an accompanying 2-4
page paper. Accepted posters will be presented at the conference as a
poster presentation. We encourage authors to submit their work
simultaneously to both the poster and demo track.

*Demos*: Authors are invited to submit demos. Accepted demos will be
presented at the conference in a hands-on demo session. We encourage
authors to submit their work simultaneously to both the poster and demo
track. Demo submissions should include a title, a one-paragraph abstract
and a complete list of technical requirements (including anything expected
to be provided by the conference organizers).

*Performances*: We invite proposals for performances making creative use of
web-based audio applications. Performances can include elements such as
audience device participation, web-based interfaces, WebMIDI, WebSockets,
and/or other imaginative approaches to web technology. Submissions must
include a title, a one-paragraph abstract of the performance, a link to
video documentation of the work, a complete list of technical requirements
(including anything expected to be provided by conference organizers), and
names and one-paragraph biographies of all musicians involved in the

*Artworks*: We invite proposals for sonic web artworks and interactive
applications which make significant use of web audio standards such as Web
Audio API or WebMIDI in conjunction with other technologies such as HTML5
graphics, WebGL, and/or interactivity. Works must be suitable for
presentation on a computer kiosk with headphones. They will be featured at
the conference venue throughout the conference and on the conference web
site. Submissions must include a title, one-paragraph abstract of the work,
a link to access the work, and names and one-paragraph biographies of the

- July 1, 2015: submission system opens
- October 1, 2015: submission deadline
- December 1, 2015: author notification
- March 1, 2016: camera-ready papers and abstracts due
- April 4-6, 2016: conference

At least one author of each accepted submission must register for and
attend the conference in order to present their work.

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