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Re: [Yasmin_announcements] Fwd: open call art and general relativity

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amber'09 Art and Technology Festival
6-15 November 2009

call for artworks:
submit your work to
amberFestival is interested in interactive installations that explore
the theme of "(un)Cyborgable" in today's world. We see the theme as a
tool to think and work with, and the festival as an opportunity to
raise an artistic voice. You alone will define that voice. We also
encourage outdoor interactive installations all over Istanbul.

the theme:
Living in a technologically-mediated environment causes changes and
shifts in human habits, postures and behaviors. Technologies have an
impact on our perceptions; each new technology demands new practices
of body and speech as well as a new comprehension of time and space.

The notion of the cyborg (cybernetic organism) explores the literal
and figurative integrations of the human body and technology. A hybrid
concept, cyborg links the organic and non-organic and raises
questions concerning human corporeality and subjectivity. In the same
vein, the field of Art and Technology also elaborates on the
transforming and emerging human and addresses the questions of who or
what we may become as a result of our increasing engagements with

Based on the recent technological developments and their incorporation
in the social, cultural, and political domains, amber'09 explores the
consequences of exposing and augmenting our bodies with digital
technologies. It aims to elaborate on the body and its relationships
in the social and cultural domains, the asymmetrical structures and
practices inherent to contemporary societies and the possibilities to
break these asymmetries in order to achieve a free and equal society.

Re-visiting and re-thinking the notion of the cyborg, amber'09 asks:
Are you (un)Cyborgable?

for more information:

also for information about amberConference, please visit:

ekmel ertan
skype id: ekmelertan

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