Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Monsieur MOO and cloud seeding


interesting= we now have several examples of work involving cloud
seeding = does any one know of any more artists projects
involved in cloud seeding ?

Monsieur Moo's work is also an example of re staging a scientifically
important event as a performance
which michael punt commented on

mr Moos's triptic of work all involve the artist intentionally
intervening to change the weather ==
does any one know of other artists projects which intentionally change
the weather ( or climate=
mind you that would be quite a performance)


Monsieur Moo, Hydro Tasmania has been involved in both operational
and experimental cloud seeding over Tasmania and mainland Australia
for over 40 years and it has developed a great deal of knowledge and
expertise. From 2009 cloud seeding operations are conducted every year
from 28th April to 31st October
These links may also be useful in finding experts to assist your
project in Canada. Atlas of
Seeding (CSIRO)
Mod, Inc FAQ - Weather
Modification Association - World
Meteorological Association (Weather Modification Research
Programme) Kind regards, SJ Sarah Jane
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