Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] One Two Three More Cultures


> Lightman re iterates a " wisdom" that i remember my father telling me
> as a kid= Alan Lightman makes the generalisation that there are
> a number of good examples of first rate scientists who went on to
> do good work in the arts and humanities, but there are almost
> no examples of people who started their careers as artists and then
> went on to make important discoveries in the sciences or engineering
> or mathematics

May be because it is nicer to be an artist than a scientist ;-)

Joke apart, I think you are wrong, that it is one of those
cliches that are persistent. If you don't split science
between "applied" and "pure" (your favorite topic at the
moment), then you can find many artists that had a double
carreer or invented things or even some that went into
applied science. The problem is that nobody as ever been
interested to do a PhD on this or even a book and the second
problem is that those people have usually been forgotten as
artists (we don't remember they started as artists).
And I guess that those who had both carreer, do not
necessarily want to mix the 2, specially if they are doing
"applied science" as it is not very well looked at by the
art milieu. Yes, indeed, this is a cultural problem !


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