Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] In Particular event @ Dana Centre 7-9pm, June 2

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An evening of invisibility, intangibility and unexpected properties
as artist Julie Freeman, nanotechnologist Jeremy Ramsden, and Pankaj
Vadgama, discuss the nanocosm and the extraordinary beings that
populate it.

Artists and scientists alike are fascinated by the extraordinary
world of nanotechnology. Join us for a journey through these concepts
with an artist and a scientist, and discuss the value and importance
of such collaborations.

Jeremy Ramsden will discuss the latest advances in nanotechnology
while artist Julie Freeman reveals how collaborating with Jeremy has
influenced her work NanoNovels - graphic artworks and stories
inspired by nanoparticles. Pankaj Vadgama completes the trio as he
describes how nanotechnology is revolutionising medicine.

John Hambley, who brought Julie and Jeremy together, will facilitate
and give an insight into the impact of artist residencies in non-arts

Is art a good way of enabling scientists to communicate their work?
Or can artistic ambiguity and metaphor compromise the communication
of scientific information?
If we want to separate fact from fiction, where does the truth lie?
Come along and join the discussions.

Julie Freeman is currently artist in residence at the Microsystems &
Nanotechnology Centre, Cranfield University.

Prof Jeremy Ramsden is Chair of Nanotechnology, Cranfield University,
Fellow of the IOM3, Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Biological
Physics and Chemistry, and of Nanotechnology Perceptions.

Professor Pankaj Vadgama is currently Director of the IRC in
Biomedical Materials, Queen Mary, University of London and Professor
of Clinical Biochemistry, Queen Mary's School of Medicine &
Dentistry. Head of Service in the Department of Clinical
Biochemistry, Barts and the Royal London NHS Trust.

The event is free, but you need to book with the Dana Centre on tel:
02079424040 or email:

julie freeman

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