Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] One Two Three More Cultures


And on a second thought : how many "first rate scientists"
did a "good work" in arts and humanities ? Is there that
many ? The problem is that I have never seen a list of names !

And on a third thought : is this really the issue ?


Annick Bureaud wrote:
> Roger
>> Lightman re iterates a " wisdom" that i remember my father telling me
>> as a kid= Alan Lightman makes the generalisation that there are
>> a number of good examples of first rate scientists who went on to
>> do good work in the arts and humanities, but there are almost
>> no examples of people who started their careers as artists and then
>> went on to make important discoveries in the sciences or engineering
>> or mathematics
> May be because it is nicer to be an artist than a scientist ;-)
> Joke apart, I think you are wrong, that it is one of those cliches that
> are persistent. If you don't split science between "applied" and "pure"
> (your favorite topic at the moment), then you can find many artists that
> had a double carreer or invented things or even some that went into
> applied science. The problem is that nobody as ever been interested to
> do a PhD on this or even a book and the second problem is that those
> people have usually been forgotten as artists (we don't remember they
> started as artists).
> And I guess that those who had both carreer, do not necessarily want to
> mix the 2, specially if they are doing "applied science" as it is not
> very well looked at by the art milieu. Yes, indeed, this is a cultural
> problem !
> Annick


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