Sunday, May 17, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Switch Call for entries - Polar Identity

ATTENTION : deadline May 30th

CADRE and 01SJ



Global climate change has far reaching ramifications, the
world as we know it will not be the world of 100 or perhaps
even 10 years. Armed with a "new" awareness of how our
actions impact the environment, how will this effect our
ideas of ourselves? Polar Identity challenges us to take on
a new perspective, one that can be both pragmatic and
optimistic what is the fallout from new trade routes and
passage through a once ice-blocked mass. How will these
changes affect cartography, international relations,
Easternization, religion, communications, etc. The new
perspective upends the world, but what does it mean for the
Southern hemisphere?

We are looking for work that relates to our individual &
cultural relationships with the poles, how countries relate
to the poles and how identity is derived from our polar

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