Sunday, May 17, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Fwd: [Fwd: CALL FOR NEW CHAIR-ELECT FOR Leonardo Education Forum

Dear Leonardo Education Forum (LEF) Members and Friends;

Let me start by thanking all of those who came to our Leonardo Education Forum
events at US College Art Association in Los Angeles.

It was great seeing you all there. I would also like to thank all of
those who organized the events, with special thanks to Andrea Polli
who, after making wonderful contributions on behalf of LEF, is now
rotating off to fish her term as chair of LEF.

We need a new LEF chair-elect to replace her. Nominations for a new
LEF chair-elect are now open.

We will be accepting nominations for this position until June 5. After
that, we will send out statements from each nominee, and we will
conduct the election through e-mail.If you would like to be nominated
or would like to nominate someone, just send an e-mail to the current

Victoria Vesna:"Vesna, Victoria" <>
Nina Czegedly: nina czegledy <>

Some of LEF Primary Core Activities:

To provide a scholarly and artistic forum responsible to the
professional needs and interests of Leonard EeducationForum's membership

To assume responsibility for Leonardo/ISAST's activities associated with
Leonardo/ISAST being a College Art Association (CAA) affiliate


There are three positions, a Chair and two Chair-Elects that are
staggered over a three-year period. (The position of Chair or
Chair-Elect may be shared in which case each person will be a Co-Chair
or Co-chair –Elect.) Directors are elected by members of LEAF for three
year terms; one of the two Chair-Elect rotates to Chair each year; the
Chair-Elect who will become Chair in two years hence will assume the
lead on the CAA conference planning for that future conference since
these plans must typically be formulated well in advance. But, because
this chair is new, he/shewill receive assistance from the other chairs
as needed.

forwarded from
Ellen Levy, LEF COo-Chair

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