Sunday, May 17, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] EUROMEC

i send you this info from Vítor Reia-Baptista who is on yasmin

A European exchange network for media literacy

Media literacy is a major educational challenge in our societies. A
large number of local, national or transnational initiatives exist in
a growing number of European countries. There are structured networks
already operating (such as Euromedialiteracy, Mentor, etc…) but the
actors involved lack a transversal system for disseminating and
processing their findings. The objective of EUROMEDUC is to launch
such a system by bringing experts and practitioners together around a
thematic programme. The aim is thus to improve the quality and
relevance of educational projects by providing the results obtained to
the existing networks and by developing more structured and intensive
exchange practices. EUROMEDUC intends therefore, to support the
effective and integrated development of media literacy in Europe.


• A cycle of three seminars Led by groups of experts, the three
seminars will each focus on a strategic issue: the role of media
productions by young people (in and outside school) in media
education, media education and appropriation of Internet by young
people and media education as lifelong learning – innovative practices
in the world outside school.

• A European congress on media literacy These seminars and their
findings will be reinforced and processed further at a European
conference on media literacy. Open to a wide audience, this conference
aims to create relations between the educative system officials,
representatives of institutions and organisations at local, national
and European level, the main network coordinators as well as

• Publications Each seminar will be accompanied by a publication that
will be made available on a website incorporated on the Medialiteracy
network platform. The conference will lead to a publication which will
be available both in printed form and online. These activities will be
backed by a press campaign.

Hi Roger.

I'm in Faro at the University of Algarve in South Portugal, where I
teach Film, Art and Media Studies, and where I coordinate a reserach
group on Art and Communication Studies.
As a matter of fact, the discussions between science and art are
usually at the core of our seminars, since researching Art is still a
rather new area among us. We have also developed some research
projects on Media Literacy, which you can find on different websites:

And you may find some of my other, more free and loose, activities on my blog:


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