Thursday, May 28, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Fwd: Presentation Monsieur Moo.

monsieur moo

i am interested by your project to restage the first
cloud seeding campaign from kurt herbert 60 years ago=

i was contacted recently by bronac ferran in england who
told me of a project to restage some 19th century technologies
and am sending her your email

i have not been able to come up with any research meteorologists
yet that could help you on the cloud seeding !!


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Hello Yasminers!

My name is Monsieur Moo, i'm a French artist settled down in Marseilles
since last September when i did the first act of a *video art /public
performance* trilogy that i'm working in.
This trilogy is an allegory of climate manipulations and it's direct
consequences. First act called *Naufrage* consisted in recreating a real
shipwreck where 2 casted away persons founded safety in a melting life
totally made out of 7,5 tonnes of ice.
The public, convened for the occasion, testified of the slow-acting but
incontrovertible disappearance of the rafts and it's occupants but also of
the huge device necessary for the launching of the raft, the shooting of
cinematographic team, the 14 security services,etc.
>From the disproportion between the subject and the device became the real
interest and the real purpose of this public performance.
more info :
Now, following Chris burden, Gordon-Matta Clark of Pierre Huyghe work's, i
focus my researches on what is behind the scene, developing 2 others acts
taking back the same structure as *Naufrage*.
The second act, named *Paparuda*, will consist in triggering artificially
rains close to Canadian-Quebec and American border. This artistic gesture
will answer to the first cloud seeding campaign leaded by the American
meteorologist Kurt Herbert 60 years ago. In this time of drought the
Canadians complained about the fact that the Americans swiped the
water hold
in the clouds going in the Canadian direction.
With this project i would like to make a cloud seeding campaign whit an
alternative technology consisting in transporting silver iodine (
AgNO3 + KI
) with totally silents meteorologic balloons.
An audience will be convened to assist at the 2 deployed elements :
* ( the rain ) and *massive device* ( balloons, cinematographic teams,
This project is planed to be  realised between 15th and 25th of September
2009 in the Chicoutimi region (Canadian-Quebec). For this project i
support from several partnership but i'm still looking for technical,
scientific and meteorologic consulting.
If you have any suggestion, question or curiosity about this project feel
free to contact me at

Kind regards,

Monsieur Moo.

PS : the third act of the trilogy is still in gestation and will give more
in latter.

To have an overview of my work :
attached as this mail you can find a presentation of *Paparuda.*

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phone 1 510 853 2007

When in France I can be reached at:
011 33 (0) 6 15 79 59 26
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