Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] May 22 to 26 in Cairo by the Arab Digital Expression Foundation

From: Ranwa Yehia <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 16:08:02 +0300
Subject: Arab Digital Expression Training Workshop
dear yasminers,

Here's an update on the workshop organized May 22 to 26 in Cairo by
the Arab Digital Expression Foundation.


The Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) launched Friday May 22
its 2009 training
of trainers' workshop where 18 young professional Arab artists and
techies aged 20 to 30 from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Morocco,
Tunisia and Sudan.

The training of trainers' continues until May 26, 2009. The workshop
aims at giving
participants the opportunity to explore and get exposure to digital
techniques in film-making, sound and music, animation and web 2.0 as
well as training skills that enhance their own work.

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore
and practice open
source software in the different audio-visual media and design with a
focus on the role of this emerging worldwide trend that is proving to
have tremendous empowering impact.

Participants will take part in discussions and exercises in digital
collaboration and
sharing, communication and networking and exploration of the
capacities of the Internet. Discussions over art and open source and
the meaning of mass collaboration in art, the benefits of open source
with elaboration on current experiences and initiatives.

Participants will also have the opportunity to work together and
collaborate in artistic
works of expression of their choice during the workshop.

The collaborative and individual projects produced out of the workshop
will be uploaded on
an online portal (
and other collaborative platforms.

In that context, participants will take part in exercises and games to
that develop
soft skills such as presentation and communication skills that help
articulate their work, how to work effectively within a team and how
an experiential approach to any work practice can foster creativity.

Believing in the importance of empowering Arab youth who have artistic
experience, the workshop will work on developing their training and
facilitation skills through experiential learning approaches.

By the end of the workshop, ADEF will select participants to be
trainers in its third
Arab Digital Expression Summer Camp in scheduled July 19 to 31, 2009
in Ismailiya, Egypt.

For further information
about ADEF:
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