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[Yasmin_announcements] Tesla@UCL-- Dr Simon Park: Creative Collaborations with Superorganisms -- 25th June

*Thursday, 25 Jun, 18:00 – 19:00*

* *

*Dr Simon Park*

*Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of

*"Creative Collaborations with Superorganisms"*

* *

*University** College London*

*Gower Street**, London, WC1E 6BT***

*Garwood Lecture Theatre, South Wing** *

*(Details how to get there at the bottom of the page)*


Microorganisms are, and always have been, the dominant form of life on Earth
and as such offer an unprecedented conceptual palette for artists. However,
because of our innate prejudice towards the macroscopic, the sublime and
aesthetic nature of the microbiological world is often overlooked.
Cross-disciplinary projects involving both scientists and artists are
becoming increasingly common and recently the microbe is being recognised as
an important medium for art. In this talk Simon Park will discussing how
collaborations between artists, scientists, and even the microorganisms
themselves, are at last starting to reveal the sublime nature of the
microbial world to a wider audience.

*Biography *

Dr Simon Park is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Medical
Sciences at the University of Surrey and teaches Bacteriology and Molecular
Biology. His activities, and practice beyond scientific research, are driven
by the misconception that microbiological life is primitive and always
detrimental and his conviction is that collaborations with artists can lead
to powerful concepts through which the true and sublime nature of the
microbial world can be communicated in ways that transcends the usual forums
offered by newspaper headlines and popular science magazines.

*How to find the Garwood Lecture Theatre:*

Once you enter the main gate of UCL in Gower Street, you will face the
Portico in the UCL quadrangle courtyard. Please take the right hand side
diagonal and walk to the right corner of the building. You will see the
brass tablet indicating South Wing. Enter the second entrance door at the
South Wing, and you will find the Garwood Lecture Theatre on the first
floor. There will be signs from the entrance that will help you to find the
exact location easily.

You may also consult the UCL maps at:

Entrance is free, all welcome.

Best wishes,


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