Monday, July 14, 2014

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Oral culture and new media WAS: Re: ART, NEW MEDIA, AND SOCIAL MEMORY

Hi Annick!

> what you are describing is very important.
> To me it resemble a myth building process (which then, at some point, does not
> need to be true, false, real or imaginary, but mixes all this)

I would much prefer for legends to exist about for example internet art than
having to introduce it over and over again.

> What is important in what you describe is the *now* (useful or not, sometimes
> just trendy, if trendy is useful, then it is ok ;-)
> The problem is that you don't build history on the *now*, it has to last for
> some time (time-based art, hey!).
> I would like to believe that this strategy will last beyond the *now* both in
> terms of what can be used to "surprise somebody" (by definition can happen only
> once) and in terms of platforms (how long Tumblr will last ?).
> As you write, history is a mere side-effect. I suspect Jon, Richard, Roger, and
> others would like it to be more long lasting ;-)

Oh, well, I don't know how it will work out. But I am certain that there will be
more images of Geocities around on the Internet in 20 years than of material
presented on archival websites.

In this year's Webby Awards awards ceremony, one of the screenshots was used in
a introduction video. Without attribution or whatever other information, but it
made it there.

Of course tumblr will cease to exist sooner or later, it is not the platform
with the most spreading impact. But then I can create new material and feed it
to another system. Maybe snapchat. :)

With the project Animated GIF Model, Olia Lialina and me learned that the
copying of images works over many years, spanning different platforms and
publishing styles.

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