Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] ART, NEW MEDIA, AND SOCIAL MEMORY


Delighted to see that the discussion is taking off- around the new book by
jon ippolito and rick rinehart

PS we are having some trouble with the YASMIN digest mode-if you have
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meaenwhile just to inject another line of discussion- a few years back the DOCAM
did some good work T he mission of the DOCAM Research Alliance has
been to identify and implement five research axes and propose tools,
guides and methods that contribute to the preservation of the media
arts heritage. The axes are conservation, documentation,cataloguing,
history of technologies and terminology.

one of the areas that was highlighted was the need to provide better
training for new media artists so that
as part of the training of a new media artist, techniques in
conservation and restoration of their own work is
included-this would be a good topic for the leonardo discussion on
the PhD in Art and Design
part of the Are You Hot Under the Collar discussions:
this is part of

since the DOCAM work a number of curricula and courses have been
developed and I thought i would mention
the program at the university of maine that jon ippolito is part of-in
this case its an on line course leading to
a certificate for digital curation


if any yasminers are teaching conservation and restoration of new
media art it would be great to have your insights
in this discussion

roger malina

here is the univ maine info

Do you manage digital files in an archive, museum, library, studio,
business, or government office? This innovative distance learning
program could be for you. Our students learn how to collect, make
accessible via database and Web site, and preserve digitized and
born-digital assets, from VHS tapes to JPEGs to Word documents.

John Bell, Adjunct Professor, Department of New Media
Sudarshan Chawathe, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences
Desiree Butterfield-Nagy, Archivist, Cohen Collection, Fogler Library
Gretchen Faulkner, Director, Hudson Museum
Richard Judd, Professor, Department of History
Richard Hollinger, Head, Special Collections, Fogler Library
Jon Ippolito, Associate Professor, Department of New Media
Pauleena MacDougall, Director, Maine Folklife Center
Curtis Meadow, Adjunct, Department of Computer Sciences
Silvia Nittel, Associate Professor, Department of Spatial Information
Science and Engineering
Harlan Onsrud, Professor, Department of Spatial Information Science
and Engineering
Justin Wolff, Associate Professor, Department of Art
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