Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] re-collecting


We thought we would keep the discussion going on with rick rinehart
and job ippolito - but
it would be great if some of you would jump into the discussion

Chapter 13 of the book ( ) is titled Only
You Can Prevent the
End of History and proposes a twelve step program to future proofing
contemporary culture:

1. Curators: update your acquisition policy
2.Conservators: Move out of the warehouse into the gallery
3. Archivists: modernise your metadata
4. Collection Management: renovate your database
5.Institutions: Start collecting new media
6. Programmers: connect data across insitutions
7.Lawyers; Help the arts find progressive approaches to copyright
8. Creators: save as in open a format as possible
9. Dealers: Invent New Economic Models
10. Sponsors: Fund the preservation of the born-digital culture
11.Academics: Educate, Engage, Debate
12. Historians; Challenge convention wisdom about social memory

I am sure that among the 2000 people on the YASMIN list we have
yasminers in every one of these professions ! It would be great to
have anecdotes and recommendations !

Roger Malina
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