Saturday, July 26, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] re-collecting

-- De: Clarisse Bardiot <>

Dear All

I'm new to the list but I would like to inform you about a software
I'm currently developing. It's name is Rekall. It's open source and
free. I join below a short description of the project. I was part of
the docam initiative and Rekall is inspired by the variable media
approach. At first it was designed for digital performances but I hope
it could be used more generally for time based artworks. Some artists
want to use it not to document their work but to design it. There is a
very first betaversion available on the website : Go to
« telechargement » . The website is for the moment in french but the
soft is in english. We have to add video demos and a user guide but I
hope it's possible to test it right now (I'm at the Avignon festival…
all the documentation will be published in september…). I really need
feedback so don't hesitate to contact me via email.


Clarisse Bardiot

Rekall is a response to the documentation and conservation issues that
arise when dealing with technology-rich art forms, as well as issues
faced by artists when they wish to restage performance works that
involve technology that is now obsolete. During the development phase,
Rekall speeds up the process of tracking the technical and artistic
choices made by artists as they move from one residency to the next.

Rekall is designed for:

Stage managers: it enables rapid note-taking during rehearsals, plot
memorization (for sound, lighting, video, and other technologies
deployed using plots), and storage/retrieval of technical data

Artists: it keeps the artistic and technological components of the
show on file to ensure that it can be restaged, taking into account
the built-in obsolescence of technological components and the
intentions of the artists

Historians: it keeps artworks on file, recording and storing
information on the design process and different variants of each work,
and supporting a whole range of document types

Teachers and publishers: helps with the production of quality
documentary material

Rekall allows you to document a show at several key points during its

rehearsals: provides valuable support for stage managers and technicians

performance: helps artists restage existing shows

post-performance: helps historians and publishers produce quality
documentary material

Rekall relies on elements that are used to describe or transcribe
performance artworks (video recordings, musical scores, patches,
written texts, sound recordings, or simply production notes). These
elements are presented along a timeline that corresponds to the period
during which the work is produced and staged.

Other documents (notes, photographs, videos, written texts, e-mails,
comments, etc.) that relate to the performance or that are simply
useful for understanding it, gravitate around this central timeline.
Presented in an ingenious way, they provide different insights into
the artwork and offer information relating to its unique features.

It is possible to sort the documents using a number of filters: date,
document type, author, etc. Live links between the documents allow you
to map results and perform multiple searches.

All the people involved in the project work together within the same
workspace: the lighting technician, the director, the stage manager,
the video operator and the set designer share a single work platform.

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