Friday, July 11, 2014

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] yasmin problem

Hi Roger, Thanks you for repply. I enclose bellow my presentation with cc to
Yasmin List. Best Regards, Myriam

"Dear Yasmin List,

I am a transdisciplinary artist and independent researcher working with the
international community last years in complexity art and emergent fields
related. I also work in quantum literature and animal studies.

I have just moved from Chile to Spain. In Chile I was Chair Professor of
History of Journalism and Boss of Degree Examinations and Seminars of Title
at University of Chile and then in University Complutense of Madrid.
Currently I am Reviewer in ISMAR Science and Tech Papers and MASH´D Posters
Int´l Symposium on MR and AR, Coordinator and Author Sead Working Group and
Director of digital projects in Internet.

My last publication is a White Paper: "Complexity Art: A Pattern of
Transdisciplinary Emergent Properties" and I am participating as
pre-selected White Papers Author from SEAD Network in "Fostering
Trans-disciplinary amongst the Social and Natural Sciences, Engineering,
Arts and Design" in XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama
Conference, Japan next 13-19 July and I'm also preparing to launch a
digital project of research with Google.

If you are interested in my work you can find more details at:

I want a good future for Yasminers Network and new ideas!

Myriam Solar"

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> Hi myriam-not sure what happened- send it again but make sure you use
> the email address you subscribed with-also copy me at
> and i will make sure your post goes through-roger
> malina
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