Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] ART, NEW MEDIA, AND SOCIAL MEMORY


we have been inviting pioneers in new media art who worked in the
1960s and 1970s to input their

here is a contribution from Liliane Lijn who started exhibiting in

let me encourage other pioneers in new media on this yasmin list who
started showing in the 1960s
and 70s and 80s to contribute their thoughts


Hi Roger

Returning to our place in Italy after a month or two away is always
fraught with problems and urgent work to be done to get things human.

In fact, it made me think that it isn't just art works that need
constant or, at least, regular attention to keep them in good working
order. Everything needs continual care and attention. It surprised me
that people think art of any kind can be left without any attention or
upkeep and simply be there in perfect condition for eternity. Even the
pyramids have decayed and Leonardo Da Vinci's work hardly survived,
because it was, in its time, cutting edge.

I attach a brief response to your question: an email about your own
corpus of work and how you have approached the problem of making sure
your work can be displayed in the future ?

This is quite a serious problem and it will need educating a new
generation of restorers in museums for a start. I cant begin in 3
paragraphs to recount the unbelievable treatment my work in museum
collections has undergone.

This needs a more thorough exposition but, it is great to know that
Yasmin is making a start.

all best.


Conservation of My Works

I have been making works that use mechanical technology, motors and
motorized assemblies and light since the early 1960's.

Since the early 1980's, I have also made work that used electronic and
digital technologies. I have used a large number of diverse materials,
rarely used in artworks, plastics of all kinds, mica, aerogel, to name
but a few.

On the whole, these works have lasted extremely well, when stored in
dry, non-saline environment and used with a modicum of attention. The
works remaining in my collection are periodically checked to make sure
they are in working order.

Recently, I have begun archiving and cataloguing my large body of work
and, gradually, built restoring any work that is not functioning to
full working order. The main problems are usually the inability to
locate similar tech materials,i.e. motors that have changed design and
spec, bulbs and lighting that are now unobtainable. The internet is an
excellent resource for locating normally unobtainable materials.
However, some materials are obsolescent,i.e. Letraset (except in small
dull fonts or made to order), early design LEDs, special types of
plastic, certain motors, not to speak of digital media, a entire
subject in itself.

I would welcome advice on transferring quantities of 8 and super 8 to
digital media. What will the future of present digital media be?

The Cloud? How then to access when offline?

Liliane Lijn

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