Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] re-collection continued


we have received a long and thoughtful essay by Johannes Goebel
on the conservation and restoration of new media art, informed by
his work at ZKM and EMPAC
the esssay is too long to post here in its entirety so we have
deposited the whole text in thoughtmesh
if you are not familiar with thoughtmesh i recommend you take
a look-its an interesting text networking system that Jon Ippolito
ThoughtMesh generates tags to connect scholarly essays published on
different Web sites.

the whole text by Johannes Goebel is available at


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roger malina


Dear all,
(from Johannes Goebel)

Having written my previous contribution regarding media
art/time-based art/performing arts in a kind of a fit, I would like to comment
and modify and maybe extend a little, also evoked by what Jon and Richard

I certainly did not want to pose that performing arts
institutions are better fit to present or preserve the art at the center of
this discussion. From my experience they are not at all a better fit. They have
an equally limited focus, which does not encompass "all time-based
arts". They are focused on works, which have a
"well-defined" beginning and an equally defined end. Their institutional,
production and infrastructural framework does not support for instance
installations. And they are not focused on documenting either. The moment of
the performance, of the shared time between beginning and end and artists and
audience is at the heart of their program.

I should not have written that time-based arts fall under
performing arts. That is kind of stupid and was meant in a provocative way. On
the contrary: I think that performing arts may be seen as a sub-set of
time-based arts.

We have taken this perspective for our curatorial
perspective, commissioning and programing here at EMPAC "" we have a
full infrastructure (spaces, venues,
technology, team members), which may serve traditional performing arts "" but in
addition we have an infrastructure, expertise and perspective that supports
media/variable-media/installation/interactive/performance/performing arts .

From an institutional
perspective we have difficulties with the format of longer-term exhibitions
like a museum "" not so much because we cannot deal with it, but because of our
location and context. We do not have much foot-traffic, where people come by
like at a gallery or in part of the city with quite a few galleries in one
sector. We are not at the heart of a campus that has an emphasis on humanities
and arts. We are not a museum with many exhibitions or exhibited art works
where one can stroll through and if one piece is of no interest one moves on to
another. We have public spaces we can and do use for more exhibition-like works
"" but dedicating one or more of the large studios to exhibitions over an
extended period of time is not of very much value, since the most people come
to the opening and maybe the following weekend "" and then again no foot-traffic
after that "
this text is continued at:


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