Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] introduction post


Hopefully I'm doing this correctly. I just wanted to send an introductory
post about why I'm here! I found about this mailing list through a HASTAC

I'm Angela, an undergrad at Princeton studying operations research,
statistics, computer science and studio art (sculpture, hoping to work with
new media art). I'm also very interested in the critical intersections
between art, engineering, science, and technology.

In my spare time, I'm compiling a 'catalog' of these hybrid works for some
faculty here who are working at these intersections. I'm hoping to
experiment with the digital form of that as well. I'm also interested in
media theory (especially networks), digital humanities, complex systems,
and design, among much else. Very happy I stumbled upon this mailing list!

Angela Zhou
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