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graeme= it would be great to have you inject some thoughts
into the yasmin discussion on conservation and restoration of new media art


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Date: Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 3:21 AM
Subject: [Yasmin: New Book from MuseumsEtc: Collecting the
Contemporary - Recording the Present for the Future

List members may be interested in this new book, currently available with
over 15% savings.

"A contemporary and convenient reader which lays the foundations for future

Collecting the Contemporary addresses one of the most basic issues facing
today's history museums: why and how to engage with contemporary
collecting? Many museums collect contemporary objects, stories, images and
sounds - consciously or unconsciously. But reasoned policies and procedures
are very often lacking. And - given the uniquely detailed record of
contemporary life recorded by today's ubiquitous media - how best are
museums to record and present contemporary life in their collections?

In a format which is approachable, attractive - and above all actionable -
this new book contains the latest thinking plus international case studies
from leading practitioners in the field.

Collecting the Contemporary will help you answer these key questions... and
much more besides:
* How best should we engage with contemporary collecting?
* Should we collect to fill gaps in the collection?
* Should we record modern urban life?
* Should we engage with minority communities?
* Should we aim to link past and present?

Collecting the Contemporary is a major new publication, with 544 pages, 80
colour illustrations and 32 chapters. For full chapter details, sample
images, and to enjoy over 15% savings on the published price, please visit:

The book's editors have exceptional experience of the field: Owain Rhys is
Community Participation and Engagement Manager at Amgueddfa Cymru -
National Museum Wales and the author of Contemporary Collecting: Theory and
Practice. Zelda Baveystock was the first Keeper of Contemporary Collecting
at Tyne & Wear Museums, and subsequently played a significant role in the
launch of the Museum of Liverpool. She is currently Lecturer in Arts
Management & Museum Studies at the University of Manchester.

If you're involved in any way with the collection, recording,
interpretation or display of social history don't miss this important new

Graeme Farnell
Publisher, MuseumsEtc


MuseumsEtc Ltd
UK: Hudson House | 8 Albany Street | Edinburgh EH1 3QB
USA: 675 Massachusetts Ave., Ste 11 | Cambridge | MA 02139
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