Monday, July 7, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] Introduction Dragan Espenschied

Dear colleagues,

my name is Dragan Espenschied, I am leading the digital conservation program at
Rhizome in New York since April 2014.

Here's my short bio from <>:

Since 2011, Dragan Espenschied has been restoring and culturally analyzing 1TB
of Geocities data. From 2012-13, he lead on a renowned research project to
conceptually and technically integrate the Transmediale Festival's collection of
CD-ROM art into the Emulation as a Service framework, "bwFLA". In 2013, with the
University of Freiburg, Espenschied helped preserve a personal computer from the
legacy of media philosopher Vilem Flusser. His publications include the
influential reader "Digital Folklore", and the papers "Large-Scale Curation and
Presentation of CD-ROM Art", "Emulation in the Context of Digital Art and
Cultural Heritage", and "An Architecture for Community-based Curation and
Presentation of Complex Digital Objects". In his artistic career, Espenschied
focuses on the historization of Digital Culture from the perspective of computer
users rather than hackers, developers or "inventors" and together with net art
pioneer Olia Lialina has created a significant body of work concerned with how
to represent and write a culture-centric history of the networked age.

Maybe it is also of interest that as a musician I am using legacy computer
systems to compose and perform.

Hope to have an interesting discussion with you all.


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