Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] jasia reichardt re-collects


sorry about the previous post from jasia reichardt-this list doesnt
take images or
attachments ( so much for re-collection) so am reposting

i have posted Jasia's post with images

thanks jasia-

for those of you who dont re-collect: Jasia Reichardt curated
Cybernetic Serendipity
an exhibition of cybernetic art curated t, shown at the Institute of
Contemporary Arts, London in 1968- and then touring the United States.

a number of yasminers were at
the Digital Revolution opening at the Barbican in London-would be great to have

here is the text from Jasia

Roger Malina

MORE ABOUT ARCHIVES from Jasia Reichardt

Archives have their limitations. They consist of documents and other
records of past events. They don't reconstruct the past, merely record
it. And in so doing, their contents provide the material for us to
understand, imagine, or perhaps recall something we have witnessed, or
even been a part of.

Favourite archival documents of my choice would include Turing's
diagram of the Universal Turing Machine;

the design for a mechanical garden by the Polish poet, Tytus Czy┼╝ewski;

and the description in The Scientist Speculates (1962), by the
mathematician, I.J. Good of intelligent machines populating the world
and replacing themselves continually by more intelligent ones. He
thought that this might happen in 1978. There was no picture.

Finally, I treasure the series of images of Nam June Paik's event in
New York in 1982, during which his robot K-456 was run over.

see for images:

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