Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] intended for current discussion on preservation of new media art

Hello Everyone,

G. W. (Glenn) Smith here -- a minor kinetic sculptor
( and contributor to
Caldaria (see, for example, this recent review of
Philip Palmedo's Lin Emery: ).

First, congratulations to Richard and John -- it seems as
if your new book is off to a good start by generating
quite a bit of comment.

As I've read through the discussion, I've realized that
I'm in the same boat with everyone else: my favored
software tools (not having become bloatware) run
under the defunct Mac OS 8, and the Z8 micro-
controllers on which my kinetic sculpture
"programmable armature" operate are near extinction.

So, yes, the "mayfly" option might be an honorable
approach. But for those not prepared for this
eventuality, there may be another reason -- in addition
to the very real if often frustrating efforts which are
being made to preserve new media art -- for us
to continue making such art: humanity has proven
itself to be quite dedicated to, and amazingly adept
at, the task of penetrating into extinct systems (as
with our work with ancient human DNA), and it
may be supposed that a future humanity will bring
to the task far greater capabilities -- and far
greater ambitions! Indeed, the preservationist of
today may be prototyping the methods of Nikolai
Fyodorov's "common task".


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