Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] oral traditions and new media

Dear Yasminers,

Time is short for reading such interesting discussion threads on this list and
unfortunately (almost) never enough for contributing.

13 years ago I was involved in a Virtual Reality Installation called "Babble,
The Virtual Tower of Babel", together with Narcís Parés and Màrius Serra. We
maintain some online documentation that you might consider visiting in case
the title is suggestive.

The most interesting aspect of this techno-cultural experiment was promoting
oral user contributions which the system processed on real time in order to
alter the geometry and color of the virtual environment. User voices were
actually co-creating the audio-visual stimuli which shaped future user

I guess this work is not only an example of an ever changing "opera aperta"
but was also influenced by «La Ricerca della Lingua Perfetta», the book by
Umberto Eco.

Thank you,


Roc Parés (PhD)
Mas Feliu, La Vila
17132 Foixà
Baix Empordà, Catalunya
Mòbil: (+34) 616 484 796

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