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[Yasmin_announcements] Fwd: Darwin and the arts 1859-2009 Oxford Worskhop 27th May 9.30-12.30

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Subject: Darwin and the arts 1859-2009 Oxford Worskhop 27th May 9.30-12.30
Darwin and the Arts, 1859-2009: Discourses on the origin, history and
nature of the arts after Darwin, Workshop

27th May 2009 9:30-12:30, Department of the History of Art, University
of Oxford, Littlegate House, St Ebbes, Oxford

Workshop Convener: Dr Assimina Kaniari, Academic Visitor, Department
of the History of Art, University of Oxford

To what extent concepts and discourses that may be seen to have their
roots in 19th century biological explanation have affected art
discourse and the attempt to articulate stories about art's 'origin',
history as well as nature?

This workshop considers the impact of Darwin's theory of evolution on
historical narrative by looking at the mediation, resistance or
subversion of the evolutionary theme in and by the historiography of
art past and present and from the 19th century to now.



Narrative, design, taxonomy: techniques of evolution in 19th century arts

Michael Gnehm (ETH)
'The Phoenixlike Birth of Architectural Design'

Sara Thornton (Paris 7)
'A Darwinian aesthetic in 19th century literature and image?'

Arthur MacGregor (Oxford)
'Darwin and the 19th century museum'


Discussion: competing media of evolution in the 19th century

Discussant: Alastair Wright (Oxford)

10.45-11.00 Break


Continuities and discontinuities: the persistence and subversion of
19th century techniques in the arts now

Assimina Kaniari (Oxford)
'Evolution and the art of Alexis Rockman'

Daniel Glaser (The Wellcome Trust, London)
'Darwin and the arts at the Wellcome Trust'

Marta De Menezes (Gulbenkian, Portugal)
'Bio-art and the lab'


Concluding Discussion: New stories for new media vs old stories for
new institutions. The case of Bio-art and Bio-ethics

Discussant: Angeliki Kerasidou (Oxford)

This workshop is free but places are limited. To reserve a place
please e-mail

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