Saturday, May 2, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Oral Traditions and the Digital Arts

In response to our call for discussion topics, one per week
in May, Cynthia Rubin sends us this question

Hi Yasminers

I have been thinking (as you know) about how we remember from
generation to generation, and what knowledge different cultures value

In Senegal, there is the tradition of Griots who tell ancestors
Oral Tradition, emphasis on ancestors as identity

In the Jewish tradition we just had Passover (Pesach), where we tell
the story of the liberation from slavery in Egypt
Written Tradition, emphasis on collective shared history, as lesson
for present and future

Since YASMIN is cross-cultural, I would like to hear about other
traditions and the how artists feel that these traditions influence
their ways of thinking in general, and then how it affects art
making, if at all.

Cynthia Rubin

PS from roger: we should try to respond to this in the context
of the arts and new technologies or art and science since this
is the focus of YASMIN
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