Sunday, May 3, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] oral traditions and the new media

to bob gluck

thanks for bringing into our oral traditions and new media the point:

"the history of live electronic music has largely
been one of idiosyncratic home-designed instruments, such that a
composition includes composing not only musical contents or other
guides, but also the instrument - hardware and software - for which
there are few standards."

for many years i used to read the magazine "experimental musical
i dont know if its still edited by bart hopkins
and leonardo journal published in its first decade the work
of the Baschet brothers
with their bewildering production of one of a kind musical sculptures

I think the tying of "orality' as having an equivalent in digital culture
of "one of a kind" personal production ( as is the case in the in
the "make" digital communities )
versus scored/standard programs is a useful expansion

oral traditions are communicated from person to person rather than
through "scores" and this is certainly the case for experimental musical

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