Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation-simulation and visualization

hi all,

for this discussion, I am very fascinated by a number of sub-topics. I
decided to list them into two categories (for the moment) to get us
started. I am introducing them very briefly in 2 separate postings.
let's see how much interest there is to discuss them.

the first is simulation in relation to visualization (both scientific
and information)

the second is simulation and everyday life (see my following posting)

I have become interested in the issue of simulation in the context of
the processes involved in visualization, a practice fairly popular
today. In particular, I am fascinated by scientific and information
visualization of the "microscopic" (visualization of viruses or the
cerebral cortex) and the "abstract" (visualization of digital
networks, social relationships, or the unfolding of computer viruses).
We have no clue regarding the appearance of these "substances," as we
can't "see" them in "nature" (ie. Through the immediacy of the human
eye), unless from invisible and formless, these substances are turned
into visually readable objects (and thus, immediately perceivable).
The resulting objects that we admire on scientific journals or on pop
science magazines are the product of a sum of concatenated simulations
involving various technological and methodological processes. During
the process of "making the invisible visible," microscopes, data
mining and other technological filtering are added to our cultural
perception of what these substances are, to our scientific and visual
conventions and rules and to what we, as consumers and producers of
images imagine these substances. All these aspects, intertwined, make
these substances, and the images that illustrate them, simulations of

roberta buiani

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