Sunday, January 24, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation-simulation and everyday life

Il giorno 23/gen/2010, alle ore 02.43, r buiani ha scritto:

> part of the fascination with simulation is that we don't perceive it. it's there and we take for granted the objects it displays. nothing wrong with it, but some awareness on how it works would actually help understanding and interpreting a lot of phenomena we normally find obscure. or at least acknowledge that they exist and are affecting the way we see things.


you perfectly catched the issue :-)

Maybe the problem is that in the long run tools and representations - as Roland Barthes wrote - tend to culturally fall into the state of being natural, not as mediators or mediations, and hence their presence and action is forgotten. They become a sort of new nature, a second nature. So we find that, for instance, it is perfectly "natural" simulating and even "viewing" through the renaissance perspective grid ;-) And what escapes these rules is wrong or childish (like the children's drawings).


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