Friday, January 29, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] AROUND SIMULATION and Time and are you living in a computer simulation?

Avi Wrote: "Jean Baudrillad argued that once one has passed beyond this point
of detachment from the real, the process becomes irreversible. We will
no longer be able to find the objects and events that existed before
the cyber immersion. We will not be able to find the history that had
been before cyberspace. The original essence of art, the original
concept of history have disappeared, all now is part of a real-time
holistic data sphere inseparable from its models of perfection and
simulation. The cyberspace compressed the time and space to a short
circuit hyper-reality.

The cyberspace is the "meme" database
for further construction/deconstruction of net audiovisual mutual
memory sequences consumed by other cyber-flâneurs.

Google, YouTube and its partners become a giant hub, dominating cyber-culture, global
networked economy, surfers' language and behavior. The Cyberspace is an
extension of our foot, eye skin and nervous system positioned on
torus-like topology. The real and the virtual are one…"

Dear All,

I'm glad that the word 'meme' has dropped in relation to the real and the virtual, time and space.

I've been
dying to re-visit Nick Bostroms paper with you: Are you
living in a computer simulation? (
Ergo, is what we think is real, really a simulation? The chances seem
to be really high! Thinking about the universe as a quantum computer
(Seth Lloyd). The real in the virtual, in the real, in the virtual....etc.

Let's just take the
idea that we are living in a giant simulation for 'real'. As an artist I am interested in the bigger picture, the meaning from a
distant perspective. I am interested in your opinion about what
simulation then means in relation to life, to evolution, if we are actually living in a simulation?
Referring to Pier Luigi's mentioning of simulation as a global resource
and behaviour. Is simulation a meme of life? What role does art have in such a simulation? Is it a form of materialized thought, a form of cognitive software? A tool to change our brains, prepare them for the next step in evolution?

The 'real' is a shifting concept in time, what is considered real or
unreal now, changes as technology changes, but also by the memes in our
What we imagine now, becomes real in the future. It might be
interesting to consider the Edge's 2010 question, "How has The Internet
the way you think?" In a sense has, literally changed you synaptic structures. Can you remember what it was like to not have a

Avi refering to Baudrilllard: "We will no longer be able to find the
objects and events that existed before the cyber immersion."

Perhaps it is indeed the very structure of our brain that evolves with the aid
of art and technology? Losing the objects and events because our brain has changed... Here I am thinking
about for instance Julian Jaynes idea of the bicameral mind: In which he suggests that ancient peoples did not possess an introspective mind-space, but instead had their
behavior directed by auditory hallucinations, which they interpreted as
the voice of their chief, king, or the gods.

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