Monday, January 25, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Simulation, remediation

Simon Biggs wrote:

"I think the origin of this thread was in a discussion on simulation and the
sense of the real- that is is possible to get closer to a pure experience of
things through the use of more and more realistic simulations within more
and more immersive environments. This appears to represent some sort of
neo-modern, neo-romantic, yearning for a totalisation of experience and an
erasure of difference between us (the experiencer) and other (the
experienced). But this leaves out the question of the experience itself, and
that is where it all gets complicated. If you erase difference then perhaps
you erase experience, for they are likely the same thing."

A desire to experience more realness is confluent with a desire to be more
aware. It is probable that being more aware brings forth more difference (in
that the difference can be better recognized through an advanced awareness).
I am not sure, but it seems that a fluid simulation, one which is impeccably
designed and far more advanced than what is currently technologically
possible, would actually deepen/broaden the experiencer and the experienced.
Humans have yet to fully witness the relationship of experiencing to
physiology, which variables of experience are (1) personal existences
(beingness); (2) identity of personal existences (one's self or many
selves); (3) psychological interactions of personal existence, identity,
memory and emotions; (4) central nervous system; (5) cognitive
interpretations of central nervous system, and back to (1), and which series
of events which are linear, circular, exponential and overlapping.



<> Natasha Vita-More

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