Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Simulation, remediation

Simon wrote:

"Further to this thread; Barad¹s argument, that the important question isn¹t
whether reality is objectively perceivable or not but rather the affect of
perception upon what reality appears to be, is quite compelling. Barad¹s
argument, using the example of the apparent duality of light, is that it is
through the process (or perhaps, more accurately, the ³interaction²) of
perception that reality, the material, is made. How we look at light
determines what light is (wave or particle?). This is what she calls
Oagential realism.¹ It does allow a reconciliation between positions of a
sort ­ although after some thought it does appear to be a phenomenological
position. Barad does take sides here, just with a lot of smoke and mirrors."

Philosophy is a meaningful foundation for inquiring minds; nevertheless,
experience is more an action and a process rather than an intellectual
challenge. Objective reality is an old philosophical question (and often
sterile), and while it has its place in parsing issues of simulation
arguments, the simulation arguments themselves are currently gathering
around the fields of neuroscience and artificial general intelligence. I'll
address this area in a *new* topic/thread tomorrow.



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