Monday, January 25, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] around simulation

hello everybody,
roger has given the adress of the article " digital simulation : from simulation to simulacra"
as he asked to me, here are some ideas that goes through the text.

We can speak about simulation both in science art the arts.
Technological simulation is now produced by computers, and it concerns science and arts.
can we talk about a new kind of simulation ? and about a new kind of artifice ?
Technological simulation of computers and digital technologies link art and technic cause they are the tools of creation. So the simulation, as another technic, influence modes of representation.
And here it seems to be a structural influence cause the models of art are composed by simulation.
So the representation on the interface is the result of a calculated and simulated reality, or from a theorical model.
As E.Couchot and N.Hillaire say, digital art "internal laws" are based on mathematic and science.
There is another new think in the art, that is simulation don't imitate the appearence of reality but by recomposing phenomena's acts like the reality. So we can say that we are in front of a new type of artifice, that changes the whole conception representation.
And, the big paradox of simulation seems to be that, even if the model is reality, the process of simulation is to modelize the reality in order to reproduce its behaviour, and to be able to produce new results from theorical tests and calculation.
During these operations reality is evacuated and the simulated representation is finally an autonomous artifice.
The relation to the reference has been ejected and virtual world can exist by itself.
This new step into the technical process and the ways of production of representation makes an up date to the thinking of Jean baudrillard about simulation and simulacra.

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