Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation

Hi all,

it seems the discussion about simulation sounds interesting, with many positions and side topics. To remain sticky to the simulation topic here a text Giuseppe O. Longo sent to the discussion: "Remarks on Computer Simulation".

Giuseppe O. Longo is an information theoretician, epistemologist and writer. He contributed to the diffusion of mathematical information theory in Italy. He has done reasearch mainly in source coding theory. Currently, his interests involve artificial intelligence, roboethics and the relationships between man and computer, art and science, science and technology, cognition and ethics. He translated works by Gregory Bateson, Marvin Minsky, Douglas Hofstadter and others into Italian. As a writer, he has published novels, short stories and theatre pieces translated in several languages.

His text is here:


Pier Luigi

Pier Luigi Capucci
skype: plcapucci

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