Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation and avatars, new technologies

Here is a post sent to me by Teoman Madra:

note: there was an attached image with the text: "there is nothing new in art except talent"

>teoman madra
>i am a yasminer following up the simulation discussions and trying to adapt the discussiong
>to my own concerns
>secondlife is difficult to comprehend for me and being still quite in different to it and rather not so interested also
>i did abstract photography, digital compositions, random croppings,
>animations, still camera animations equaling to and getting finalized as photogramms,
>(this was my start) , recently i try to concentrate on normal photography simple, within stylish subjective personal controls.
>About my computer simulatons i just cannot decide if they are real or virtual
>for me new media art is using new media in your personal manner for new art
>as mcluhan would say -not using new media as you were you used to handle the old media-
>here when i do all above do i deal with new aesthetics do people care for
>new aesthetics or why dont they do new musics respond to contemporary art
>items above as their expansions do we simulate life in our artistic creativities now adays ,
>how developped is internet explorer 2007 for you does it suffocate you,
>is my attached photo a simulation may be or how real it is
>simulations as exact mimicry with computers that are latest output of technology, is perhaps
>not so creative for marshall mcluhan questiionings, should someone update them
>*mcluhan concerns for new technological tools- to what happens today
>in my site i just say that i am trying to understand the cyberspace since 2000
>and like a phantasy statement i do photograms since 1964 and organize multi media meetings with audience at cultural centers, performances, shows, videoclips throughout years -for 4 decades- and my images are not virtual digitals nor simulations whether analogue or through computers...
>and when they are from computers in my cases they come from the deconstructions and misusage of available
>computers systems mostly from their bugs and their non complete perfections so will it be possible to build up a
>theory for the random accidental things to produce from new media as new visual
>aesthetical end items... re art with photography, pc softwares, video cameras doing
>off centered approaches etc
>actually my inquiry is a real one to get your opinions regarding things in my sites re their virtual or real states of videoclips and abstract images
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