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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: (Yasmin_discussions) Multisensory Perception

Hi Yasminers

Back now from making a work which was a wine tasting of the internet...

Roger, I was thinking too of the analogy of the camel drunk with the
internet, and which has saturated itself and thus is watered enough to
cross the desert to the next terminal stop...with a load of
'information' stored in the humps on its back.

Roger wrote : "I would be interested in examples of artworks that
focus on
the interoceptive senses !! rather than the exteroceptive ones"
Going sideways to interoceptive senses Bishop Berkely ( Ree). writing
the illusion of 'Outness' regarded all senses as contact senses
due to anything a person could see was located only 'in his eye , or
rather I his mind', and therefore must be 'as near to him as the
perceptions of pain or pleasure….'
Not really interoceptive, but skin : Joan Healy: Cyberskin
. And how the interoceptive senses can be regulated or controlled ---
Fuyuki YAMAKAWA throat singer, performance artist who controls his
heartbeat`s speed and velocity through his vocalisation.
Jenny wrote ".........a range of domains in which the function or
value of "miltisensory
perception" is important when it come out of the laboratory isolation
of the
scientist. And what happens when the dynamics of art and technology come
together and how this matters; in terns of design process which goes
functionality and innovation or pleasure ,and creates esthetics, viewers
participation , meaning and a platform of knowledge?"

Art/science /technology projects were presented at at SuperHuman
for example Leah Heiss's "Emotional Technologies where she had
focused on the emotional aspects of therapeutic technologies.

Our collaboration started in October 2009 and the three works that
we've made have been very social and participatory for the audience.
At the wine tasting (Tasting the Digital , Internettraces:
Experimental Integrated Data Work) everyone was talking to everyone
about their experiences with the smell and taste of the wine, and I
heard people reflecting on the meaning of fragrances, so between the
readings I just kept the microphone on so their voices were carried
over the p.a. system.

'Internttraces' is a collaboration with Mary Griffiths who wrote on
the voices of the people who had created content/participated on
various internet sites. Mary and I had performed this collaboration
back in 2004 when I didn't have any knowledge of or access to an
effective way of fragrancing and flavouring wines. Thanks to Richard
and Benedicte the sensory and consumer science lab training in smell
has focused my attention towards reflection on aspects of olfactory
chords, the imprint that such notes may leave, and the practical
knowledge which has been immensely useful to present olfactory objects
( if smell could be called an object) that may be more effective for
the audience/participants for association with not only a background
of dialogue with others, image, sound but with the background of their
own histories.

Thanks Jenny for talking about the history which has led us to this
point - thinking about multisensory perception…
Jenny Maketou wrote: A good
example is with the immense changes of modernity in urbanization and
(factories) it also entailed profound changes in the sensory landscape
the use of senses by the use sanitization campaigns adopting olfactory
intolerance and the rationalized imperatives of industry which reduced
body of the worker to the most utilataritarian of gestures. Rescuing the
body and the senses from instrumentalization became a significant
among the generation of artists of the 60¹s.

Will we rescue the body from the visual mesmerisation of the computer?
Jenny your question of collaborations without any funding. I've
worked with a commercial perfumer, Louise Crouch who has a
synaesthetic colour smell association. Over the past 6 years and
without any funding, Louise has allowed me access to her domain of
commercial perfumery . Together we've created a perfume for
gamblers.Are there others on this list who are working in
collaborations without academic backing/funding?

Sergio, thanks for sending Are There Neural Correlates of
Consciousness? (Alva Noë and Evan Thompson
"Although the stimulus is constant, the percept changes dramatically
every few seconds. The question is: which of the neural activities
subserving visual percep-
tion correlates with the stimulus, and which with the percept?"…
I would like to talk about cosciousness as it relates to this paper
and life drawing : I've spent many years observing and drawing
everything and anything to understand seeing and perception, and a way
to gain empirical knowledge. In trying to simply represent what I
observe on my vision, I became aware that the reality that I saw was
changing while I studied it, because it appeared to be different to
how I had seen it 5 or 10 minutes ago; it was that I was watching my
consciousness pass through levels which would make what I saw change
its appearance. I was watching my consciousness slide through states
of perception.

All the best


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