Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory Perception‏

Hello all Yasmine r( I can smell the yasmin when I say the name ;)
In my work I pay homage to the home through the use of such materials as mud, clay, grains, and recycled clothing to create environments that recall domestic spaces. In my works, my manipulation of the materials is essential, connecting me with traditional materials, that I am usually familiar with and I have known well through touching, smelling..ect. At the same time, I when I combine these references with video, animation, or interactivity as a way of adding another layer to these installations it simply make it more complex and give it a sense of connection with viewers. Using this hybrid installation that suggest our daily life; what we have got and where we are going? Is the answer that we are combining human qualities to give us more confident about where we are going?
I mean, are scientist using these familiar senses to create a connection between us and what they are offering?
Khadija Baker
(514) 384-1457

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