Monday, March 29, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] moderator this week

Dear Yasminers

I am your moderator this week from Marseille where the
daffodils and tulips and plum blossoms are blossoming !


a) All new members to the list PLEASE send us a brief
email with who you are and your interest in art/science/technology
around the mediterannean. The whole point of YASMIN is to
help people meet around the mediterranean ! that is hard to do
in anonymity.

b) If you send a post in another language than english PLEASE send
a few sentence introduction or summary in english= the problem is that
our moderators dont know all the mediterranean languages and our
protocol is that the moderator cannot approve a post that they cant
understand !! we try hard to keep out spam. I can personally read
french and english not not the other twenty mediterranean languages.

c) If anyone is interested in becoming a YASMIN moderator (volunteer)
we welcome help.

d) If you have a topic you would like to organise a discussion on- please
suggest. This is a bottom up list not top down !!

Roger Malina
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