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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory Perception

Forwarded from Antonio Brech


Intermodal nature of the activity:

Experience is a tour venturing experimental by an
empty space or how to code unknown.

The aural elements conducive to concentration and
provide a eradicates accompanying irrationality
and imposes its rule of evidence point towards a
resolution of the simultaneous automation

interestimulación with heterogeneous forms of presentation and support

Miscellaneous (sound and graphics).

It is not easy to get to stand or position on
automatism graph and its resulting spontaneous.

Nor structured arguments to prepare the detailed
explanation of a repertoire of activities in
which many magnitudes converge different and
distinct from the usual stereotyped.

We must avoid the sense of repetition and failure
and variational it is a discrete system with
determination of the phases or course functions
intermodal process must produce the impression
like a continuum inexhaustible and surprising.

You can not do depend on the wealth of records
from the sound experience and the level of
knowledge assimilated in education visual.

The "trasladación" schemes like the smell, or
taste and assumption of an inability to function
at a level of complexity and demand continuous
dosing and higher grade than usual, may interfere
with normal development of positive action, as
that the associative emotional component.

On the contrary sometimes appears as a kind of
melody, rhythm or mental hum familiarity with
facilitating the development of the intermodal
action in the order.

The forecasts must be built on that as the plane
graph, its alternative uses and purposes as
systematic and comprehensive character, the
central question, must precede the start of
meetings, a brief

introductory preparation which has included the
prevention of other purposes and increase the
ratio of the repertoire of effects and features
and diversification of land as the tool of
perception as rebulsivo creative and involving
and energizing sound stimulation engendering a
climate of some surprise, approach to what
unknown, novelty and trend of all, facilitating
the representation and in a relaxed atmosphere.

The role of the aural initially is to leave blank
mind, obliterating conventional impressions and

elaboration and experiential work to reflect the
views submitted to automatic influence under the
rule than the effects of sound and the influence
of how they relate and interrelate backbone each
sound and graphic stimuli.

In addition to the decanting, transfer to succeed
the initial gaps and to turn himself in
vascularization after tampering with the
diligence and discipline improving productivity,
by way of twists and turns will come to a
FUSION or order from chaos, which makes the
majesty of recognizable unknown and requires a
connection, handle or reference in terms how
thick it covers and includes the most important
for speech personal and collective consequences
of participation in interestimulación complex.

Stresses the submission to a kind of hypnotism,
or feeling inexhaustibility supported by the
promotion of inspiration that turns on how to
translate the influence of sounds.

While situational characteristics (dim light, big
screen .. etc) and knowledge of partner
involvement makes sound varies, this does not
invalidate the whole character or full disclosure
and contact heterogeneity which calls for better
productivity in the work graph-sound.

There is an imaginary level above which there is
a harmony, which makes it sounds mean something
entertaining and fun and below which produces the
feeling of not achieving the minimum requirement
absolute essential quality of the human condition
itself and species which produces an unbearable
psychic distress and more harmful insufferable
deprivation that still generate and be symptom
overall production of impotence.

Instead you can get to run very nice pictures or
drawings or interesting despite being poorly
made, leaving an order side the difficulties of
graphic expression that can make complicated the
conduct and promise to change access to the
opportunities motivational and interesting
display of values and magnitudes novel in the
sense that they break the custom and habits.

Small is a list of alternatives or actions under
the guise of pleasant or intriguing.
Emerges as a force that encourages letting go and
an upstream version the current frame of mind
connected to the desire to know more or drifting
with the illusion of cheery, avoidance of
ambiguity, emergence powers exercised primacy of
experience under the trend of priorities reflect
the tastes of some point in their life, which
reaches enjoyable and fun nature, the power
intercommunicate and ilacción express what you
feel and others feel and think and a certain
affinity and vagueness about the origin of
authorship that gives universal entity ..

A line with a vein of inrepetitión, or errors and
inreproductión as an approximation to the
objective meaning most likely to success, under a
performative references that eliminate the risk
of danger characteristic of excessive or
psicobiologización approach a reality superior
and complex.

Besides launching the alert, working from the
perspective multiple simultaneous views and a
load of active force and positive energy and a
positive attitude to the outbreak and productive
exercise of power under both affectively positive
and uncertainty which led to a regime

A reality of a level subject to consistency in
its variety and continuity supposed initially an
obstacle to the necessary identification trigger
smoothly and spontaneous improvisation graphic
activity guaranteed quality.

But is the sense of common or general level of
demand and how it affects stimulation that is
proposed to the majority and the poise of
metariales (real meta-materials) resulting
marking the limit in terms of credibility and
allows distinguish between what it is or not
achieving intermodal operation, it which
represents a qualitative leap.
Antonio Brech
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