Thursday, March 4, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Multisensory and Omnisensory

Dear list,

It is interesting to read Ian's contribution and be again reminded about how
agentive can one be in experiencing the world. While science might be about
prediction and repeatibility, art might be about openess to interpretation.
Agency in perception. This obviously leads to connectedness.

The most interesting about synasthesia is the fact that even in similar
cases there is no pattern. People that associate numbers with colors for
instance seem to have different color associations bettwen them. I think we
can now speak about somehow established correlations, a sort of afirmation
of identity.

On the other hand and in general, ideas about multisensory seem to indicate
an impossibility on dissociating m senses. Even if we make use of a single
stimulatory channel, like visual, it seems to me pretty obvious that we
cannot turn off all other senses.

My question would then be: is the sensation of presence multisensory or

Luis Miguel Girao
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