Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] (Yasmin_discussions) Multisensory Perception :The inter-modal theory

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I forward this message from Antonio Brech



The inter-modal theory

I agree with who said during the discussion that is interesting
coexistence of the arguments made through research and experimentation,
both in institutional and half in the field of open building.
I want to thank this attitude and commitment to facilitate dialogue and
communication between antagonisms have done so much damage throughout
history to the development of authentic freedom and knowledge.
For me it has become clear that in terms of inter-sensory integration,
speech is "axiomatic" informed today under the banner of clinical
methodology whose address ends in repeatedly over the same, the darkness
at the end of the tunnel the impenetrability of the intrinsic and the
impossibility of truly new transmission, and other emerging more
consistent, by way of a mutation that advocates valdi consistency of
achievement based on a new plant operational instrumentality, resulting
from a development sensitivity in terms of meaning with all its
implications and applications to everyday experience: INTER_MODAL
Thank you very much!


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